Meet The Team


Mike Shorten – Head of School, CTTP Director
  01325 523455

“Mike Shorten is the director of Carmel Teacher Training Programme and is Principal of Carmel College. In his role as Principal he leads the day to day business of Carmel College, he is a National Leader of Education (NLE) and also facilitates and leads training for Carmel College Teaching School Alliance”


Monita Atkinson – Director
  01325 523460

“Monita Atkinson has been at Carmel since qualifying in 1994. During that time she has been a Head of Year for 10 years working within Key Stage 3 and in charge of transition for 5 years liaising with up to 30 primary schools. She has worked with a variety of ITT providers and currently leads 14 mentors and is responsible for 15 trainees. As well as her ITT work she also facilitates and delivers a number of training programmes.


Sara Crawshaw – Assistant Vice Principal – Carmel College
 01325 254525

“Sara is an experienced teacher having worked in Secondary Education for the last 20 years and has worked across schools to build partnerships and to support the professional development of staff. Her current role includes workforce development and supporting career development for staff and students.”


Maria Matthews – ITT Consultant
 01325 523460

“Maria Matthews became part of the Teaching School team in September 2013. She was Head Teacher of an outstanding Catholic School in Durham and with over 40 years in education, has relished the opportunity to use her expertise in her new role as part of the Carmel team. In this role, she delivers training and supports teachers in secondary and primary schools across the partnership.”


Frances Shorten – Primary ITT Lead
 01325 523460

“Frances Shorten has joined the Teaching School having worked for 26 years in education, her most recent post as a Primary School Head Teacher. Her experience includes working with children from 3-13 years in Primary and Middle Schools, in a range of contexts. Within the team, Frances role involves supporting the Primary Schools”


Helen Keough- Maths Hub Lead
01325 523406

“Helen Keough is the Senior Lead for the Archimedes NE Maths Hub, with 17 years teaching experience and 14 years as a middle leader. She is Assistant Vice Principal for Data and Progress at Carmel College. Helen’s role within the hub is to strategically lead the team in devising and delivering improvements within the mathematical community. The overall aim of the Archimedes NE Hub is to meet the demand for mathematical development throughout the local region with an emphasis on research.”


Joanne Walker – SLE Co-ordinator
  01325 523454

“Joanne is an assistant vice Principal and Head of Geography at Carmel College. She co-ordinates both the SLE deployments within the Teaching School and within the Carmel Education Trust is responsible for School to School Support”

Tyler Holmes

Tyler Holmes – Marketing Assistant
  01325 523410

“Tyler’s main responsibilities lie with the marketing, communications and recruitment of Carmel Teacher Training Partnership. He also is involved within other elements of the teaching school. Following a one year university placement at Carmel, Tyler returned to university to complete his degree. He has recently graduated from Northumbria University with a first class degree in Business Management and returned to this role at CTTP”

Claire Hutton -Teaching School Admin Manager
  01325 523460

“Coming soon …”

Karen Maddison

Karen Maddison – ICT Support Supervisor
  01325 523424

“Karen is the ICT Support Supervisor and joined Carmel in 2012 coming from an industry background as a Website Developer. She has a degree in Computer Science and oversees the development/management of Carmel Education Trust and Teaching School websites and the allocation and completion of all ICT helpdesk jobs.”

Stacey Brocklebank

Stacey Brocklebank – Website/Media Designer
  01325 523419

“Stacey joined Carmel College as an IT/Media Technician in January 2015. She has a degree in Digital Media and helps create/manage the websites in the Education Trust as well as design any marketing publications across the Trust, including the Teaching School”