S2S (School to School Support) & Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

We are committed to school improvement through a system of partnerships that draw upon the wide experience of SLEs within the network of schools with which we work closely. We have a proven track record of working with and supporting other schools and the capacity and integrity to undertake support for schools in challenging circumstances.

Our SLEs are outstanding middle or senior leaders with at least 2 years’ experience and first class knowledge in a particular field of expertise and the same experience in a leadership role. All our SLEs are committed to outreach work and have a successful track record of working in their own school or across a group of schools. We are delighted with feedback which highlights the impact that this team of experts has had so far in a wide variety of schools and areas and we look forward to continuing to share their excellent practice with you in the future.

Carmel offers School to school support for individuals, subject areas or groups of teachers such as Middle Leaders, Contact Joanne Walker for further information.

Coaching in Carmel MAT

Joanne Walker

Having recently completed the coaching in schools course as a VIP coach I would like to outline the impacts this has had on both staff and students. To date, I have worked with a wide range of colleagues from A level students trying to plan revision, to head teachers looking to overhaul their performance management system to middle leaders looking to implement new pedagogy or individual subject teachers looking to improve their own practice. In each case the impact has been terrific; people who felt stuck, or were avoiding a problem felt they were listened to and given space and time to move the problem forward on their own terms. Words to describe their feelings at the end of the 6 week coaching cycle include; free, refreshed, invigorated, motivated and calm. Coaching in schools is a time efficient successful programme to support staff and students to move from a problem to a successful solution. If you require any information about coaching in your school, please contact me at jwalker@carmel.org.uk and visit https://www.coachinginschools.com/.

Directory of Specialisms

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